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A New Year


as 2014 kicks off i find it having some pretty big shoes to fill. so many wonderful, life changing things happened in 2013 that it is hard to believe that 2014 will be able to compare. however, i am determined to make this a year full of great memories and exceptional bliss.

my resolution this year is not so much a resolution as it is a lifestyle change. it is my intention to dedicate this year to creating a happier, healthier version of myself. a terri upgrade if you will. i think the idea of a resolution is a little daunting and very commercial to say the least. how often do people state their resolutions on the first of the new year only to give up completely a few weeks later? i’ve done it before myself. the purpose of this change is to fulfill an internal desire to be a better person not only to those around me, but to myself as well.

this year i want to challenge myself physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. i want to continue to learn as much as possible. i want to take time to sit down and read a book. to enjoy the outdoors. i want to continue to date my husband and develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with my family and friends. i want to challenge my body to do things i didn’t think possible. i want to laugh til it hurts and cry when i’m sad. i want to make mistakes and learn from them. i want to cultivate a deeper relationship with my religion. i want to spend more time in the kitchen learning how to cook for my family. i want to live in the moment and close the door on all negativity.

i want to be inspired and inspire others.

over the next few days i have a plan to finally put down my bucket list on paper. i constantly say i want to do this, go here, read that, but i never write it down and then i forget. it is my intention to live as freely and optimistically as possible in 2014 and i encourage you all to do the same.

happy 2014 ladies and gentlemen, may your year be filled with many blessings, succes, and adventure.


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