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All in a Year

as i sit back and reflect upon 2013 i can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of peace with all that has happened in the past 12 months. this year has brought enormous amounts of change for me and my family. kyle and i both accepted new positions, jump starting our careers in the “corporate world”. I moved back in with my parents for a few months after being out of their home for seven years. i got engaged and 5 months later was married to the man who for the past 4 years has been an extremely supportive and positive influence in my life. kyle and i took a trip out to the west coast, visiting washington, oregon, and california. we purchased our first house together and continue to work hard to make it our own. i became an aunt for the first time with the birth of my sister’s first daughter and then proudly gained 3 more nieces and nephews through marriage. there were health scares and loved ones lost. there was laughter and tears. good times and bad. overall i do not have one regret; 2013 truly was my best year yet. 2014 has some
big shoes to fill but i am excited and ready to see all that it has to offer. happy new year to all. i hope you all have a fun and safe holiday.
















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