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Mr. and Mrs. Schutz Part 5

here it is, the last and final portion of our wedding album mini series.  today’s pictures feature everyone’s favorite part of a wedding, the reception! there was so much going on and so many people to see the night just flew by. i was so impressed with how everything turned out and even more surprised with how calm i was through it all.

thank you to marc and shayna amenson of amenson studios for capturing the entire day and allowing me to relive my wedding through photographs.


Kyle Terri s Wedding-Reception-0004View More: More:
^^^i was so happy all my best friends from grade school on were able to make. even though distance has come between us we are always there for one another. i couldn’t be luckier to call these girls friends.
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^^^unfortunately this was the only cake kyle and i got this night. it was so good though. each tier was a different flavor; raspberry, almond, or red velvet. the almond was by far my favorite!
Kyle Terri s Wedding-Reception-0028View More: More: More: Terri s Wedding-Reception-0044View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: Terri s Wedding-Reception-0092
View More: Terri s Wedding-Reception-0116Kyle Terri s Wedding-Reception-0121Kyle Terri s Wedding-Reception-0122View More: More:
^^^one of my favorite parts of the whole day was watching all the littles running around.
Kyle Terri s Wedding-Reception-0146Kyle Terri s Wedding-Reception-0155
^^^our first dance was to elton john’s your song, our dj tim dorsey sang it for us; his voice is beyond amazing.
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^^^we played this adorable game where we were asked questions and had to put up the show of who it pertained to.
View More: More: Terri s Wedding-Reception-0220
^^^if there is one thing to be said about our wedding it is that nobody should have left hungry. between the dinner, cake, cupcakes, and then the after dinner appetizers there was always food around. the pizza was my favorite! thank you to the roxy for doing such an amazing job catering our wedding and leaving everyone with happy full stomachs.
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^^^i had the idea of having our immediate family light off chinese wish lanterns with kyle and i during the reception. in my head it was beautiful and would have made for great pictures, unfortunately the weather was not compliant and the wind took most of them straight into the lake (hopefully that’s not reflective of our marriage; i kid, our marriage has been nothing short of wonderful!). my brother-in-law did manage to get his up in the air, it was really neat.
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^^^i insisted on being comfortable for the reception, hence the chuck taylors.
View More: Terri s Wedding-Reception-0292Kyle Terri s Wedding-Reception-0313

thank you to everyone who made our wedding so special. we appreciate and are so grateful for each and every one of you.

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