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Mr. and Mrs. Schutz Part Two

today is part two of my wedding album mini series. the photographs below capture the ceremony of my wonderful wedding day. as always all photo credit to marc and shayna of amenson studios. enjoy!

View More: Terri s Wedding-Ceremony-0014
^^^our maid of honor and best man, how great do they look?!
View More:
^^^i am still so happy with how my flower girl dresses turned out; i had them handmade for the littlesKyle Terri s Wedding-Ceremony-0019
^^^neither our nephew decker, nor our niece briauna are able to walk yet. we had kyle’s sister pull them in on a wagon. i so wish i could have seen what they looked like from the front (i heard it was pretty darn cute)View More:
^^^the first moment i saw kyle, i admit i was holding back tearsKyle Terri s Wedding-Ceremony-0022
^^^k was holding back tears when he saw me too
View More:
^^^giving me away; i am so lucky to have had my dad walk me down the aisle
Kyle Terri s Wedding-Ceremony-0026View More: Terri s Wedding-Ceremony-0035
^^^i handmade all my bulletins; hours were spent printing, folding, hole punching and tying ribbons…
View More: Terri s Wedding-Ceremony-0042View More:
^^^i was amazed that my ring could get more beauitful
View More:
^^^and it’s still weird to see kyle with a ring on his finger, but i love every second of it
Kyle Terri s Wedding-Ceremony-0055View More:
^^^i was so happy to have tim dorsey sing and play piano at my ceremony and reception, but one of the most special parts of my day was having one of my very best friends and bridesmaids sing a song for kyle and i
Kyle Terri s Wedding-Ceremony-0064
View More:
^^^mr. & mrs.!
Kyle Terri s Wedding-Ceremony-0076


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