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Mrs. Schutz

we are coming on a week of marriage, how did it go by so quickly? my wedding day was everything i dreamed of and more. i couldn’t have been happier. the best part of the day for me was walking down the grand staircase towards kyle. seeing him made everything right and easier. the day was beautiful and the weather was perfect (for all you skeptics out there worried about the weather for a november wedding, i could have had it outside if i wanted!). i am beyond excited to get my pictures back and share with you all. for the time being here is a sneak peak.


*photos taken by Marc and Shayna Amenson of Amenson Studios

to all of you who were able to come and share in our special day, thank you, having our friends and family there with us meant everything.

to those of you asking about my grandma, she is doing well. she’s a strong, feisty, tough woman. we appreciate all your thoughts and prayers.

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