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You Are Only Sleeping

i woke up this morning to the most beautiful colors in the sky, i wish i would have taken a picture but i was too caught up in just looking to reach for my phone or camera. in just two days i’m getting married. my whole world will be different, yet nothing will change at all. i’ve been getting that anxious excited feeling, not to be mistaken for cold feet, which i am by no means feeling at all. i am beyond ready to marry kyle and start our life together as husband and wife. i am prepared for life’s struggles and i am ready to face them head on with him by my side.

in the past 5 months, since we’ve gotten engaged, we have had a lot of hardships thrown our way, none more upsetting than the loss of kyle’s great grandmother this summer and the recent passing of my great aunt on monday. in the midst of this blissful, happy time we will have to stay goodbye to one we loved dearly. i fully believe that god does not give us more than we can handle, but i have been struggling lately with how much more i can take. today i pose a challenge to myself and to all who are reading to remain positive during the bad times, to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and to remember that everything happens for a reason. we can get through it. we are stronger than we think.

“Lay down
Your tired and weary head my friend
Night is falling
And you, we are only sleeping

We have come to this journey’s end
It’s time for us to go
To meet our friends
Who beckon us
To jump again

From across a distant sky
A C-130 comes to carry us
Where we shall all wait
For the final green light

In the light of
The pale moon rising
I see far on the horizon
Into the world of night and darkness
Feet and knees together

Time has ceased
But cherished memories still linger
This is the way of life and all things
We shall meet again
You are only sleeping.”
―     José N. Harris,     Mi Vida    



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