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Our First Home

i feel like it’s been so long since i’ve had a new post up, and in reality it has, but for good reason. as of last wednesday (october 30) kyle and i officially became homeowners for the very first time. this is an extremely exciting time in our lives and i absolutely adore our new home. our home is old, but has a ton of character. unfortunately the previous owners did not leave it in the best condition so there have been lots of long nights and early mornings cleaning and updating our home. i don’t mind the work so much, however, i’m beginning to run on my last ounces of energy. we ripped up and replaced the carpeting and are currently in the process of repainting the entire inside of the house. it’s been a lot of fun picking out paint colors! tonight i plan on tackling the bathroom. it’s going from purple walls and crackle painted cupboards to gray and yellow (those of you who know me know that yellow is my absolute favorite color so it was essential for me to have one room in my home that represented its bright and cheeriness). kyle is also installing our new dishwasher tonight which means we’ll finally be able to start putting our kitchen together (with everything else we have to do washing all the dishes by hand seemed much to daunting of a task). i can’t wait to post updates of how each room of our home turns out.

photo (7)
^^the home is ours. we live in a little village on a half acre lot. our home is red brick, i was so happy we found a home that we fell in love with that didn’t have traditional siding.

photo (10)
^^the third bedroom, perhaps one day a nursey? carpet has been replaced and i couldn’t stare at those blue stripes for one more minute so the walls have been primed and are ready for painting!

photo (8)
^^thank god for my parents (here in mine and kyle’s bedroom). the three of us spent hours ripping out carpeting wednesday night. on the left side of the picture you can see the piles of dirt that was in and under the carpeting. each room was like this. i’ve never been more thankful for new carpeting.

stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Sheri says

    Can’t wait to see more pics of the house! (or see it in persone!). Congrats!

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