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The Weekend

the weekend is always too short and monday always too soon. there never seems to be enough hours in one day to get accomplished all that needs to be done. but i try my best and i would say things are moving along how they should be. i feel like all my conversations lately focus around the wedding and i apologize if that is boring, however that is my life lately. seating charts. meal choices. centerpieces. flowers. dress fittings. the list goes on. on top of the normal wedding planning duties i decided to do a lot of diy projects for the wedding. everything is turning out great, but it takes a lot of time and a lot of trips to hobby lobby. i appreciate those who have helped out and those that have been on time. we are just under 3 weeks until the big day.

photo (7)
i’m having my flower girl dresses handmade, they are turning out just how i pictured them. my niece, briauna, sure does look happy to be in hers! a few final touches until they are done!

photo (11)
photo (8)
photo (9)
although kyle and i have decided against getting married in a church it is still important to us to have god be present and our faith be a part of our ceremony. i had kyle build me this cross, i was inspired by a picture i saw on pinterest. a floral arrangement will be placed in the center.

the next few days promise to be some of the busiest yet. lots of new exciting changes happening for us. stay tuned…


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