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Forever Learning


in just 51 days i will be making my way across a stage in cap and gown accepting my diploma, receiving my master’s degree and i can’t help but feel nostalgic. it seems like just yesterday i was riding the school bus to elementary school; working on my civil war project in mr. mauk’s 8th grade social studies class; playing sports in highschool; and graduating with my bachelor’s degree. i don’t know how, but it all happened so fast. some may call me a nerd or weird, but i always liked school. sure i complained about homework and yes i even skipped class a few too many times, but overall my educational experience was a positive one. it comes down to this i love to learn and i never want to stop. today i submitted my final project towards my master’s degree. for the past 2 1/2 years i’ve been working really hard in pursuance of my higher education. although i am tremendously relieved to have this off of my plate (especially at a time where life couldn’t be any crazier) it is bittersweet. this is it, i’m done with school. maybe not forever, but for a long time (have to start paying off those loans!). i don’t know what is going to come out of all of this, will i look for a new job? will i try to incorporate my degree into my current job? who knows. what i do know is this: i am extremely grateful for the education that i have received. for the opportunity to learn. for the friends that i have made. for those who have challenged me. and those who have supported me through it all. i am lucky.


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