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Girls Day

Imagei spent the weekend at my grandma’s house having a girls day with my mom, grandma, aunt cathy and cousin kelli, and her adorable daughter markie, to celebrate my wedding since they were not able to make it to my shower a few weeks prior. we spent the day hanging out in comfy clothes. we drank wine, played around with my great grandma’s old hats, made our own wine charms, and watched wedding movies. they even helped me with some of the decorations for the big day (much appreciated). the decorations were beautiful and creative and i am so thankful for the gifts that they so generously gave.

IMG_1083IMG_1064IMG_1107IMG_1066IMG_1082IMG_1112little girl wanted her toenails painted just like her mamaIMG_1118a bottle of wine for many nights of firsts to come

it was such a nice day to just relax with family and i’m so happy everyone had the time to share.


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  1. Cathy says

    Terri, it was a wonderful weekend. We need to do this more often. Family time is the best and will be remembered for a lifetime. Glad you enjoyed our time together.

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