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Packers Football

sundays in the fall are my favorite. not only is fall the best season with the best weather and clothing (beyond ready for boot season!), but sundays in the fall mean football and football means the green bay packers. now instead of focusing on the performance of yesterdays game, i want to express how extremely lucky i have been to have been able to attend both of the season opener games (one away, one home). kyle and i saw the first game of the season out in san francisco. we took a party bus to the stadium with a bunch of other packer fans, it was a great time and our first at another stadium. although it was neat being at candlestick park, that stadium has got nothing on lambeau.  we may have lost that first game, but it was it was exciting and kept close the entire time. that makes for good watching. last sunday at lambeau with alana was the perfect end to my shower weekend. not only did we walk away with a win, but energy and weather were great. there is nothing like being in lambeau surrounded by crazy packer fans; here’s to hoping i make it back for at least one more game this season.


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