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The Weekend

it seems all week i wait and wait for the weekend to get here and when it finally arrives it flies right on by. there is always so much to accomplish and so many engagements to attend, however, this weekend i took a little time to just relax and enjoy; it was nice.

kyle made it home from canada safely in the wee morning hours on saturday and we actually got to spend more than a few hours together. it was really nice to just be able to run errands, walk through the farmers market, and have dinner together. i do have to say the distance has definitely made me appreciate our time together (but i’m ready to find our home, more showings tonight).

on friday we leave for vacation! our journey starts by flying out to portland, oregon and from there spending some time with kyle’s family in washington (I’ve never been there before). my only request for this leg of the trip is to visit seattle, otherwise i just want to enjoy all that washington has to offer without a schedule or set plan, as well as spending some quality time with kyle’s family, including those i haven’t met yet. the following thursday we will be heading to san francisco (neither of us has been there before). unlike our washington stay i have a full itinerary planned (kyle will not be thrilled), but there is so much i want to do and see and who knows the next time we’ll make it out there! i am beyond excited for this vacation. aside from a brief weekend in vegas we’ve never gone away together, so i look forward to spending some time and traveling with my future husband, and there couldn’t be a more perfect time than now.

here’s a little peak at my weekend:

photo 1 photo (2) photo 4 photo 5
jack and i took a walk to pick up joe from football practice, it was a beautiful evening and so nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air. it amazes me how fast these boys are growing up, since i started watching them about 5 years ago they’ve become such a big part of my life.

friday night jack and i went on a “date” to see the movie planes while joe was at his first packer game, it was really cute and we had a great time.

photo7 photo 8 photo 9
saturday morning kyle and i went to the farmers market. it’s the first time i’ve made it there this summer. it was crowded with people and vendors. we bought some fresh squeezed lemonade (very good and refreshing) and lots of fresh vegetables for the evenings dinner.

photo (10
kyle cooked dinner for megan and i saturday night, i am lucky to be marrying someone who likes to cook and who is good at it!

photo (11
sunday i was prepared to be focused and motivated to get some homework done, lenny had other plans…

have a great tuesday all!


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