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Life Happens

no matter how hard i work at checking things off of my to do list it never seems to get any shorter. i often feel i am so busy i don’t even have time to breathe, let alone blog (which is disappointing to me). i, like most people, need to work on prioritizing my time better so i’m able to just stop and enjoy life, especially during these next few months. with an approaching graduation, wedding, and (hopefully) home ownership there is much to be accomplished and lots to celebrate.

aside from being a busy bee, here is a little snapshot of what has been going on in my life in the past week…



peanut came for a visit. we got to try on her “test dress” for the wedding to determine sizing and on our way back home she fell asleep holding my hand.


i got a horrible flat tire on the truck. it’s times like these i wish i didn’t need a vehicle.


i found elliot on my bed like this yesterday, i couldn’t resist.


kyle’s great grandmother, bing, passed away on saturday. there was a beautiful memorial service for her yesterday to celebrate her life. we have another angel looking down on us.


i got to visit with burton for a little bit yesterday, my heart aches for him and i can’t wait for our little family to be living together under one roof again.


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