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The Sinking Canoe

this weekend was full of activities just as they all have been since summer started. i really can’t remember the last time kyle and i have had a free weekend to just kick back and relax and i fear that it’s going to be a long time before we have one again.




the weekend started with a send off cook out with some of my dear friends as our rachel is moving to austin, tx (her roadtrip out there starts today). the evening was filled with great food, good conversation, and a few cocktails. i rarely find myself out on the bar scene, however, i have to say i had quite an enjoyable time catching up and hanging out. kyle even got to join us after work!




saturday kyle and i found ourselves on a canoe trip in Waupaca (Ding’s Dock) on the coldest day in july. i was miserable before the trip even started. and to make matters worse, we were “lucky” enough to be the couple with the hole in their canoe. we constantly had to stop to dump the water out of our canoe and at one point we found our canoe sunk at the bottom of the river with us still sitting in it, water up to our chests. as i’m sure you can assume i was not pleased. we bickered the entire trip. it was definitely a challenge and a test to our relationship. i think it’s made us stronger as a couple.
**(the pictures portray the happier moments of the trip).


the weekend wrapped up with an emotional “good-bye” to rachel and much needed relaxtion for me.


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