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Life Lately…


wedding planning is in full effect. i’d say i’ve got this down…113 days to go!


kyle and i spent our engagement weekend at one of our favorite places (st. germain, wi) with some of our dearest friends.


megera graduated college, landed her first career, and passed her exams. she is officially a vet tech; so proud of her!


my best friend and confidant agreed to stand beside me on my wedding day and be my maid of honor.


kyle, burton, and i enjoyed some relaxing “family” time at the cottage over the long weekend of the 4th. fireworks, fishing, row boating, and sun; it couldn’t have been better.


a snapshot of our nieces and nephew (minus kellan); they are getting so big, so fast.


she’s such a diva. and looking more and more like her mother every day.


the weather, aside from the drastic heat last week, has been wonderful this july. we even got to enjoy a beautiful lighting show two days ago, and the heat finally broke, something we can all be excited about.

in addition to good weather, we found out that a dear friend of mine and inspiration to all, sarah, is cancer free. for the second time in her young life she faced cancer head on and did not let it consume her, change her outlook on life, or take her from us. i am so lucky to have met such an amazing woman.

busy, busy, busy. that’s what life has been lately.  between working full time, planning a wedding, completing graduate school, and looking for our first home there hasn’t been much free time, and i’ve been going a little crazy. 2013 has been a year of many changes and exciting journeys, all of which i could not be more excited for.

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