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Monday Must Haves: Spring Sneakers

spring sneakers_edited-1


hallelujah the weather is forecasting sun and sixties this week, something this mama is very much looking forward to. we had snow and cold again this past week and it had me reeling. i am so sick of this “spring” weather we are having. i am trying to remind myself why i live in wisconsin.

with nicer weather comes more time spent outside something we are looking forward to after being cooped up inside for so long. wagon rides, bubble blowing, chalk drawing; bring it on! more time outside running after a very active one year old means that i need shoes that allow me to keep up with her and that are comfortable. but remember comfort doesn’t mean giving up style.

i’ve rounded up a few of my favorite kicks to share with you to keep you going this spring and summer. from all different brands and price-points you are sure to find something that fits your style! those light blue new balance with hints of yellow are calling, no yelling, my name!

new balance ‘696’ sneaker; $79.95
puma suede classic sneaker; $64.95
gap leather slip-on sneaker; $49.95
nike air pegasus ’83; $40
converse chuck taylor dainty casual sneaker; $39.98
adidas ‘adi-ease’ sneaker; $59.95
nike air max 90; $120
steve madden ecentrcq sneaker; $59.95


Photos From The Weekend

^^^this girl of mine makes me laugh like no other

^^^there are moments when you catch these two girls looking at one another and you know they are going to cause some trouble someday

   ^^^those lips


the weekend came and went faster than expected. why does it always feel like the weekend days are so much shorter than those during the week? probably because everyone is rushing around trying to get all of their errands done, homes cleans, to-do lists checked off all while trying to make time for family and friends. even after becoming a stay-at-home mom i still find myself looking forward to friday’s and dreading sunday’s end.

weekend’s are my favorite, like most people, because they are time spent with family and those we love. this past weekend was no exception. with all of our other obligations over easter weekend we decided to push the celebration one week back with my family. we met for dinner at hu hot where we devoured some excellent hibachi, seriously i am still craving it days later, then we headed over to my parents house for an egg hunt and good ole fashion family time.

unfortunately it had to snow so the egg hunt had to be moved indoors. i’ll admit lennon wasn’t too interested in the hunting of the eggs she much preferred cracking those babies open and steeling the goodies inside. i can’t believe how big she is getting. easter was her first big holiday after she was born and now here we are a year later with a 13 month old walking around on her own. time really does go by so fast.

again i hope you all had good easters and i hope your weekends are filled with joy and family fun. it’s hump day today, halfway through another week!

5 Tips to Cut Out Added Sugar


i think i’m addicted to sugar. i really can’t remember the last day that i didn’t have something that wasn’t sweet and i’m not talking something that is naturally sweet i’m talking about the sweets that aren’t good for you. coming right off of easter and the loads of candy that filled our baskets, my mom loves to overdo it and i love her for that, doesn’t make it any easier to stay away.

it makes sense that i could have a sugar addiction as i love myself a sweet treat; candy, ice cream, a donut, you name it if it’s sweet i probably could be tempted to have one, scientists have found that sugar is addictive and actually stimulates the same pleasure centers of the brain as heroin and cocaine (source).

i’ve tried cutting out sweets before and it didn’t work, but here i am attempting to do it all over again. i felt by putting it out here where everyone can see will hopefully help me stay more accountable.

in order for me to really make a change with my sugar intake i needed to understand the differences between naturally occurring sugar and added sugar and what it does to my body. naturally occurring sugars are the sugars found in whole, unprocessed foods (like milk, fruit and vegetables). added sugars are sugars added to unprocessed foods while they are being made. if you eat or drink too much added sugar you can develop multiple health problems; tooth decay, obesity, diabetes, etc. added sugars are considered empty calories and if you eat too many you may also gain weight. so what are some ways we can cut out those pesky added sugars? read on for my five tips below…

1. read the back of the box. look at the nutritional info and ingredients list. has a helpful table that shows you, based on your age, how many empty calories you should limit yourself to a day. when looking at the nutritional info it’s good to keep in mind that 1 gram of sugar equals 4 calories. also added sugar can come in a variety of names so when you are looking at the ingredients list watch out for high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup and fruit juice concentrates among others.

2. pick up a naturally sweet snack instead. fruits and veggies can make for a satisfying treat.

3. choose water. pass on that can of soda or glass of fruit juice and choose a glass of water instead. try sprucing up your water by adding some slices of fruit. pinterest has some excellent ideas for different fruit-infused water recipes.

4. get it out of the house. just get rid of it or don’t buy it. if it’s not easily accessible you won’t be as tempted.

5. be active. go for a walk. get outside and play. get to the gym. keep your mind and body busy and you will be less likely to pick up that piece or candy or bowl of ice cream. the last thing i want to do after a work out is ruin it by snacking on something unhealthy.

not only do i want to make changes to benefit my own health, but i also want to be a good example for my family as well. so here we go, day one. i know it’s not going to be easy, but here’s to making better choices. how do you minimize added sugar in your diet? i’d love to hear some other suggestions and tips!

Thoughts on Thursday

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1. “clothe yourself with with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” – colossians 3:12

2. lennon and i took a little day trip earlier this week to go meet up with one of my very good college friends. we spent the day shopping and going to lunch; lennon spending more time people watching with a ridiculously cheesy grin on her face than eating. the weather ended up being super nice and the day turned out wonderful. it truly was a great visit. however, i do have to admit i always feel a little bit sad after days like those, visiting with people i don’t get to see often enough. i really miss all the times we had together and while i know our lives have changed and we will always remain close, i wish we lived a little bit closer. does anyone else feel this way when they leave a visit with old friends?

3. i am all caught up on the game of thrones and am anxiously awaiting the next season (which is set to premiere on april 24th if you didn’t know). so while we wait we needed to find another show on netflix to binge on. kyle chose the walking dead and while i wasn’t sure if i would be into the whole zombie thing i have it say i’m kinda hooked. any other shows i should be watching, please let me know!

4. i am truly amazed at how smart my sweet little girl is at only one years old. she remembers everything. she can tell me where her nose, teeth, tummy and hair are and she is a walking machine. i have been slowly teaching lennon a few words/phrases in sign language to help her better communicate with us. she caught on to ‘all done’ and ‘more’ fairly quickly, but we’ve been working on please for a while now. well tonight she signed it. i was so proud. it may have been because of the leftover ice cream birthday cake her daddy and i were eating in front of her that she desperately wanted, but hey i’ll take it. ‘eat’ is next on our list.

5. did you know that different countries have different sign languages. sign languages, similar to spoken languages, developed naturally out of groups of people interacting with one another so it’s no wonder that there would be different dialects in different areas (source).

5 Ways to Feel More Accomplished


i don’t know about you but when my house is cluttered or i am not getting things checked off my never-ending to-do list i start to get anxious and it actually makes me feel extremely unmotivated. clutter in your home makes for clutter in your life; at least it does for me.

however, i feel like i always have a little bit more energy in the springtime. maybe it’s because the days are longer and lighter or the fact that we can get outside a little bit more, either way i am checking things off of my to-do list one by one. spring cleaning is in full affect around here. today i am going to share some tips with you that help me stay motivated.

1. wake up early. although it may be hard to do sometimes try to set an alarm and wake up early. i always feel more productive on days that i am up starting my day rather than sleeping in.

2. to-do lists are your friend. i am a list maker. i have too many thoughts constantly running through my head not to write them down. it’s important that your to-do lists are realistic and workable. i like to keep two to-do lists going, one for items i need to get done that day and a second list that keeps track of things i need to get done long-term. not only do to-do lists help me stay organized and prioritize, but it’s fun being able to cross things off as they are completed.

3. do it now. this is the one i always have the most trouble with. whether it be a few dishes, making the bed or putting away some laundry do it right away. doing one small task at a time doesn’t take as long as letting those dishes or laundry pile up.

4. pick up before bed. it only takes a few minutes, but when you wake up in the morning to a tidy space it makes a world of a difference for the day ahead.

5. get a good nights rest. this may be the most important of all. we’ve all been there. stayed up too late the night before binging on some netflix, waking up too early, 5 loads of laundry, a sink full of dishes and toys strewn all over the living room. but you’re tired. so you leave it. and it starts to accumulate. and now you have hours of work to do and not enough time in the day to get it all done. you end the night feeling bad because you haven’t accomplished anything. so if you remember one thing it’s this. sleep when you can!

6. take time for yourself. this is a bonus point. pick up a book, go for a walk, or sit and drink a cup a coffee whatever it may be, for a few minutes or an hour if you have it, every day make sure to take a moment for yourself to refresh and recharge.

how do you stay motivated? i’d love to hear!





easter has easily become one of my favorite holidays and no, it has nothing to do with the egg hunts and chocolate bunnies (although those don’t hurt). what i love about this holiday is that it is not surrounded with all of the hustle and bustle of other holidays, ahem christmas. don’t get me wrong there is still lots to do and much to prep, but in a different way.

i’m not out shopping for weeks in advance searching for the perfect gift or wondering if my wrapping and bows are made just right. i’m not planning and preparing tons of food and rushing in and out of our families homes to be sure we don’t miss anyone or anything. while i do love christmas it always leaves me feeling so anxious, overwhelmed and tired.

cue easter. easter is different for me. i love that it falls right around the first day of spring, this season is really growing on me. this time of year is so refreshing to me; all about renewing, growth and life.

i’m thankful for easter as it gives us time to reflect on what our lord did for us and a time to celebrate his life. to remember what he gave up for us and to know he is waiting for us leaves me so grateful and at peace.

as usual around holiday time for us we had quite the busy weekend. we kicked off good friday with a family fish fry at my in-laws. it was so nice to get together with everyone enjoying good food and great company. i loved watching the children race to find eggs during their egg hunt. lennon and her little cousin decker got a headstart before the older kids; at only two he was so sweet to her. she learned how to say his name and kept calling for him all night.

saturday we woke up early to drive to my grandma’s house. she lives close to three hours away and it’s not often that we get up by her, especially on holidays other than christmas. it was a special time this year as most of my mom’s family was able to get together and enjoy the holiday. the weekend was great, but it always leaves me a little sad that we don’t all live closer together.

the easter bunny hit our house a day late with all that was going on. but seeing lennon’s face light up when she spotted her basket monday morning is a memory i will have forever. she “ran” to it as fast as she could and there were lots of “oooh’s”. it was so cute.

you may think easter is over as the holiday has past, but nope, not for this family. our holiday is extending on to next weekend and i’m looking forward to celebrating with my immediate family.

i hope you all had a great holiday with those you love and remembered what this day truly means.

Thoughts on Thursday

 1. “you’re mad. bonkers. off your head…but i’ll tell you a secret…all of the best people are.” – alice in wonderland

2. it snowed yesterday. end of march, officially spring and we got inches of snow. multiple inches. it was kind of pretty and a great excuse for us to slow down and have a “snow day” but we are so ready for nice weather it’s not even funny. we are starting to feel cooped up and definitely need some fresh air. there were a few nice days scattered throughout the last couple of weeks and it was so nice to get outside without having to get all bundled up. here’s to wishes for warmer weather and the snow to melt just as quickly as it came.

3. we are trying to transition lennon away from the bottle and it is not going so well. she will drink water out of her sippy cup and sometimes throughout the day, mostly at meals, will drink milk from the sippy cup as well. but we give her milk every morning when she wakes up, before naps and before bed and she is used to having the bottle during those times and is refusing to drink it from the cup. if you have any suggestions on how to successfully transition your little one away from the bottle i am all ears.

4. i am really looking forward to easter this year and can’t believe it is only days away. easter was the first big holiday lennon celebrated so it’s fun to come full circle a year later. we, like every other holiday, have many plans that will keep us very busy. but i like that; i start to feel so restless when i have too much time on my hands.

5. americans spend 1.9 billion dollars on easter candy (the second biggest candy holiday after halloween). of that 70% is chocolate and 76% of americans think the ears of a chocolate bunny should be eaten first (source).

Taking Stock

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the pages have turned and the chapter has ended on another season. spring is finally here. just knowing that it is officially spring has me excited for bluer skies, chirping birds and the sun shining down; warming up our skin as we get outside in short sleeves and bare feet, until our hands are dirty and our eyes heavy from a day well spent. a day filled with laughter and love. a season that leaves me feeling refreshed and inspired and the perfect time for taking stock. i’m…

making : easter treats
cooking : from scratch as often as we can
drinking : lots of water
reading : big magic-creative living beyond fear by elizabeth gilbert
wanting : the days to warm up
playing : with lennon, always
deciding : what to do next
wishing : for the forecasted snow to bypass us
enjoying : extra time with my family
waiting : for our trip to florida
liking : anything sweet
wondering : when our family will grow again
loving : my husband. my daughter. my pets.
pondering : life
considering : going on a sweet date with my love
watching : game of thrones (addicted)
hoping : for a baby🙂
marvelling : at my husband and all of his accomplishments at work
needing : to remind myself to slow down
smelling : fresh flowers
wearing : light layers
noticing : how fast lennon is growing up
knowing : that everything happens for a reason
thinking : of the future
sorting : laundry, always laundry
buying : spring dresses
getting : excited for upcoming vacations
disliking : student loans…can they just go away already
opening : thoughtful birthday cards
giggling : at lennon with her animal brothers
feeling : happy
snacking : on fresh fruit
coveting : shorts, rompers and swim suits for lennon
helping : lennon walk
hearing : sweet laughter from my not-so-baby girl
looking : within

Monday Must Haves: Easter Edition

monday must have easter

one week until easter! it really snuck up on me this year being at the end of march instead of april. that means it’s time for me…i mean the easter bunny to get those baskets filled and ready for hiding. i always look forward to easter because to me it also means the start of spring; warmer weather, longer days and fresh starts. this year we are looking forward to egg hunts, time with family and church on easter sunday. i wanted to share a few items we will be adding to lennon’s basket this year in case you needed a few ideas for the littles in your life!

book: reading has always been something that i love to do and it is really important to me that lennon spends time reading books too. she already has developed such a love for stories and it warms my heart when she pulls a book off the shelf and settles in my lap for story time. whether it be a birthday, christmas or easter i always love to incorporate a book into her gift. this year we went with an animal touch and feel book that she does not yet have, but pat the bunny is perfect for a basket stuffer (she already had this book!).

chalk: lennon just got a giant box of chalk for her birthday from her auntie and we dug into it the other day when we had some nice weather here. she looked like a rainbow when we were done playing, but she had so much fun and that is all that mattered to me. this egg-shaped chalk is such a fun colorful item to add and what a great way to practice those fine motor skills.

something soft:  what child doesn’t love something soft and snuggly. peter rabbit screams easter and will hippity hop with your child all day.

hair bows: i’ll be honest, lennon hates anything on her head. hat, headband, bow, you name it she’s not having it. every time i try to clip something in her hair her little chubby hands creep right up and rip it off. i have found that if i can keep her distracted enough while i am putting it on she will leave a little clip-in hair bow in her hair so we have been using those lately. these glitter bows come in a set of 11 for $10.99 and they are prime eligible. and if your little will wear headbands check out these and these, so cute! if you have a little boy i assume you aren’t putting glittery bows in his hair so maybe a bow tie would work best instead. lennon and co. has some of the cutest bow ties perfect for the little man in your life. this is a personal fav for spring.

spring outfit: i love having a little girl for many reasons one of those being able to dress her in the cutest little clothes. as the seasons are changing easter is the perfect time to stuff a new outfit into your child’s basket. i picked this dress to add to her basket this year. the fabric is lightweight and the dress has the cutest cap sleeves with perfect spring colors; i can’t wait to get her in it. target‘s oh joy! line has some great options to choose from as well.

shoes: the weather has finally started to warm up here, except for the snow forecasted for later this week (what is that!). changing seasons means trading in those boots and wool socks for open toed sandals and bare feet. what better time to snag a new pair for your kiddo. these sandals from old navy are so cute and better yet they are on sale!

snack: fill up some plastic eggs with a yummy snack like goldfish crackers for your little to nibble on. lennon isn’t quite old enough for jelly beans or chocolate bunnies so she will be getting some of these vanilla graham goldfish crackers and maybe a pouch or two to replace all the sugar. but what is easter without a little candy? cadbury mini eggs have always been my favorite and my husband loves reese’s so i’m sure there will be a few sweet treats around for the ‘big’ people.


what is the easter bunny putting in your children’s baskets this year?

Thoughts on Thursday

1. “the only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.” – johnny depp

2. happy st. patty’s day! how many of you will be celebrating today, green beer anyone? i’m not even irish, but i will surely be feasting on the corned beef and cabbage my husband is cooking up. it always smells delicious and tastes so so good. my husband is definitely the cook in the family. however, lately, especially now that i am home, cooking has become more interesting to me. i like planning out our meals for the week, grocery shopping with a purpose and, although it is still rare, preparing a meal. i know my husband enjoys the cooking so we will see if he passes the reigns over to me.

3. babies and bad dreams, have any of you experienced this? there have been multiple times where lennon as “woken” up inconsolable and in tears in the middle of the night and from a nap. there is no other explanation for me except to think that she has had a bad dream and she is usually still half a sleep. it usually takes about 5 minutes to get her to stop crying and calm down. it breaks my heart every time.

4. is there anything cuter than watching babies and animals together? in my opinion there is not. lennon wanders around the house yelling “naaa, naaa” all day, calling for her puppy. and she could spend hours throwing him the ball, if only he would learn to bring it back to her and not kyle or i. also, just the other day she started mimicking us calling for the cat and she loves giving him kisses. it really is amazing the little things that they pick up on.

5.there is a reason for the shamrocks association with st. patrick’s day. according to irish legend saint patrick used the plant as a metaphor for the holy trinity when he was first introducing christianity to ireland (source).